Traditional VALUES

We're in a day where many local establishments are trying to keep up with the times. They're turning over to gimmicks or clinging to trends that are passé. A truly traditional establishment walks that fine line and walks it well. We're here to be who you can rely on at the end of a hard day, not just to relax, but to play.

At Macallans Pub, we don't just watch sports, we play sports. We have a dedicated Virtual Golf Center that allows you to maintain your outdoor swing during the off-season while playing PGA championship courses in the comfort of your own private simulator where the weather's always perfect, We have Billiards for our aspiring sharks, Foosball and, of course, Darts, the quintessential pub game.

Scotch - We don't sport a name like Macallans without sincere respect for greatness. You'll bet we carry more than something Red.

So, whether you're nearby, have a flight to catch shortly or you're over on the South Shore; you'll be surprised how quick it is to arrive here, and you'll be thankful for the trip, for the level of comfort our atmosphere and excellent staff provide!

Welcome to Macallan's.

Welcome to your bar.


Virtual Golf

Please don't hesitate to call for a reservation. First timers are more than welcome!
(514) 633-8881

Casual & friendly Staff

They're quite awesome. Really!


tasty pub fare

We consider our chicken tenders and wings to be the best in town!